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Trying to get to the bottom of missing documents in government and real estate. Off the rails. Lending policy is becoming more lax as it was in 2007.

The cruise was canceled but not the bill.

Here, I can write as I please. No need to fear context when the anchors are URLs. Like this one: http://www.albuquerquerealestateplace.com/luxury-real-estate/ That’s Albuquerque luxury real estate.

I just saw the worst car lot commercial. Woo hoo!

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Property SEO

SEO is changing literally every day. SEO Moz Mozcast.com says yesterday’s algorithm activity was the highest on record.

In the latest results, the aggregators are nearly always on top of organic search.

People will get used to that and start choosing agents below that top section when they want someone to connect with

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Be there.

Population and Real Estate Prices Palm Beach Prices vs. Loudoun County

Recently, I read an article that stated that the full-time population of Palm Beach is only eight thousand people. Wouldn’t it seem like more people would live there? Talk about the one per-centers…

Palm Beach driving around

Palm Beach homes are among the most expensive in the country but they are surpassed even more by North Virginia’s home prices in Loudoun County VA.

North Virgina is the heart of America’s Commonwealth. Traditions and getaway locations from the metropolis environments like Washington DC make real estate Loudoun County even pricier than Florida’s trendy coast communities.

http://www.homesofnova.com/ page

http://www.jeffrealty.com/palm-beach page